Story Time!

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Alrighty - so this is around the beginning of my jet setter life
(hopeful life I mean...)

I was at Newark for about a 2 hour lay over on Monday. I was pissed they had some imitation Starbucks near my gate so I couldn't get coffee. I know, I know - Starbucks is just as good as any others. But you know something - when I buy something, a lot of it about the label. I like labels, I like prestige and I like quality. Lands End has some pretty good quality stuff - but there's no label. I'd much rather get something from Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors or Burberry even if I have to pay 10$-100$ more.

So it was kind of a rough start to the day without my coffee. But I deiced to pick myself up from the let down of the day. I explored the area near my gate and I found a news area. I found good ol' Elle and bought it. I got some Juicy Fruit too. Only problem is - tax was like $1.00 and I was short $0.15. My6 parents don't let me have financial independence so it's not like I could have charged it on debit - in fact they don't even show me my bank statements. Luckily the guy just paid the 15 cents with his own money (such a cool guy).

That brightened my day. So with my Elle and Juicy fruit and my bag in hand I went back to my group. I started flipping though it and they were surprised that I got Elle. What surprised me was that they were surprised. I'm not some straight dude. I'm gay! I like boys. They got over it quickly though.

I got home at BTV international Airport FINALLY! ( I had like an hour delay - UGH!). My mom saw it and was suprised. I was just like "What?!?!".

*sighs* Can't the fact that I like fashion magazines not be a suprise?


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La Labels

You're definitely up and informed on the Label World. I'm definitely not a labels guy, but I DO appreciate quality and, hey, Michael Kors and Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger are just simply great companies. I'd buy anything from them. They make clothing very alive and sexy. Meh, I'm not really an Elle fan, I like Vogue.

It does sound like you had a rough day. Why were you traveling, though?

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Katrina Relief Effort in New

Katrina Relief Effort in New Orleans ^.^

It wasn't a rough day... I just like blowing things out of proportion...