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The Bonfire was really fun:). Spring Break was me mostly talking to a friend:) while doing some hwk and chores too. Last week's school was good,I finished my project 2 ,had a good crit and I got my Exam 3 and I got a C+:). Did I tell you guys I got a 75% on my Redo? Which means I got a 78 for Exam 2. Exam 4 is on Thurs. and it's all on factoring and I'm almost done w/the hwk and I hope we get another review sheet. My HNA Essay was originally due on Tues., but Padilla moved it to Thurs. and I got the prompt for it last Thurs. I find out my P2 grade tomorrow while coming up w/ideas for my P3. New Cold Case,Numb3rs and CSI eps this week:). I also saw stop Loss on Friday night and I liked it all the way up til the end. I still really like it though:).