Thank god for Oasis

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Something terrible happened this past week, I lost my journal....

Now this may not sound like a big deal or anything but let me put it this way, I've been keeping a journal for about the last ten years (not the same one, a series of notebooks) and the book that was lost consisted of about the past year and a half. So effectively I lost the last year and a half which included very crucial moments for me (My coming out, first date, first boyfriend, first gay kiss, etc). Now I'm not worried someone will find it and try to out me or anything (I'm out on campus) it's just like I've lost a part of myself. I mean I made that red mead five star my own. It was adorned in band stickers, cool quotes, ideas for cool band names I'd come up with, and other things that I felt important enough to include on it. So needless to say I searched for it tirelessly over a week. Well I found out that I left it in my music appreciation class under my desk. My teacher told me she had seen it but figured I'd be back for it so she decided to leave it where it was in case I came back...I didn't. I didn't realize it was gone until later that night and by then the college was closed and my notebook lost forever.

Now these thoughts pushed into a depressed slump over the past couple of days until I realized something, I've posted the majority of my journal entries as online journal entries too! Now I know that sounds slightly sad but when I was a freshmen a majority of my classes were boring so I would write during class, then later just come on oasis and post what I'd written as a journal post. So today I copy and pasted my journal entries into a word document and printed them out for my journal.

Oasis saved part of my journal! Yeah!


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Well, I guess that Oasis is

Well, I guess that Oasis is a savior in more than one way now, but damn, man. That sucks.

I hope you find it eventually. *sends helpful/hopeful energy waves*

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Can keep us from the roarin' waves
Together undivided but forever we'll be free.
Sail away aboard or rig
The moon is full and so are we
Seven drunken pirates
We're the Seven Deadly sins!!."--Flogging Molly, "Seven Deadly Sins"