The Castle Is Falling With the King Inside

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I don't want my Oasis journal to be some emo podium. Haha. But, really, things happened with Mitch and Lass today that really set my skin afire. So Lass told me she was going to make my life miserable if I didn't take down that fucking LJ that I wrote. I feel like she has taken 'drama queen' to a whole new level, especially since I did sincerely apologise and yet she still calls my apology bullshit and says I am full of shit. I am so sick of people not taking my emotions seriously. She said if she had the money she would file a lawsuit because it included her name. Since the hell when could she file a lawsuit because it included her name? Her dramatics are getting on my nerves over this whole ordeal. She said she wanted to pound my face in, too. She was making a huge spectacle of it in class, trying to whore attention, and I don't know why. Because she ignored me yesterday I thought it best to ignore her too. So I was minding my business working on my French verbs and she comes out of nowhere and initiates the conversation in this loud voice. Obviously she doesn't have the maturity to calm herself down and think that maybe there are worse things in life than someone talking about her on their blog, especially if that person already apologised more than once and already explained the situation and is trying to avoid you at all costs for right now. She told me to "stay away from her for a long, long time" and ever since I texted her that I had the apology for her she keeps popping up, giving me demands and such. I typed up, wrote down and verbalized the apology--what else the fuck does she expect me to do? I am NOT going to get on my knees and grovel and beg for her forgiveness. If she's not done with this whole angry game by 25 June, then I am going to have to just let it all fall apart because this doesn't make any sense to me anymore. If she thinks I'm going to college still fighting with her then I'm gonna tell her plain and simple: "Save the drama for high school because I'm moving on." Because I'm trying to bury the situation. She considers my apology bullshit and considers my other friends (whom I called awesome) not as good as she and Mitch because these friends didn't do the things the three of us used to do, which is a load of bullshit because she has no idea about my relationship with these people that I've known long before her. She has no idea about the kind of stuff I've actually experienced with my other friends, so before she starts judging she seriously needs to consider the fact that I am truly loyal to her and she's nothing but blinded by her anger. If she hates me so much then why is she sitting there talking to me?


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AnM i have had quite a few

i have had quite a few friends like her, craving drama and attention. some have lasted and others have died out. you will know if this relationship is worth saving and im sure she will get over it. because this is just another act to satisfy her need to feel wanted. until then, i like reading about your drama, makes me feel less boring. ha

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HaHahaha. It really sucks,

HaHahaha. It really sucks, doesn't it?
Makes you feel less boring? Glad I could help ^_^