the frogs

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i can hear the bombs from fort lewis roaring yet again...
its so loud that from miles away it shakes my house
but with liveing here all my life i have gotten used to it
i used to live on a lake about 10 mins away from where i am now
i lived there for about 7 years and i have lived in this house about 4 years
b4 that i dont remeber
i miss the sound of the tree frogs at the lake
every summer my best friend Brison and i would run around and catch the frogs
they were so cute
it was rather shocking the amount of them and the ecoing ribbits they would make
every once in a while i see one of those tree frogs in a wet grassy area
but not like at the lake
brison and i would pick black barrys in the front yard while runing through the bushes
i miss the day when i was a tomboy
things were simpler then
all i had to think about was the weather brison and the frogs

(ps i cant spell i am dyslexic so leave your comments on it to yourself)