This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is MY LAND

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I was watching this special about Whitney Houston on T.V. and she had gone to Israel with her husband, Bobby Brown, to partake in a ceremony honouring black Hebrews. Garbed in Israeli attire, she was getting ready to board the plane back to America and yelled, "I LOVE ISRAEL--IT'S MY LAND!"

Me: O_O *laughs fucking ass off*
And another time she was holding up a sign written in Israeli and she said, "I love Israel. It's beautiful. It's my land." And she said each sentence so quickly and low that it made me burst a gut laughing.

Don't do drugs guys! NOT GOOD. NOT GOOD. ;D

I wonder how long it'll be before some Palestinians take a pot shot at her.

My land, eh? We'll show her 'my land'!*ratatatatatatatata. boooom!*
Seriously though, Houston could have just painted 'GAZA' on herself and made the message extra clear
Peace, guys. ;D


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"a sign written in Israeli" ???

dude, there's no language called "Israeli".
people in Israel speak/read/write in HEBREW.
"Israeli" is a NATIONALITY... Hebrew is a LANGUAGE.

just FYI.

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Sorry. Twas a mistake =/

Sorry. Twas a mistake =/

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-laughs- Chill, -Ruby-. It was a mistake.

Y'know, like how people say that Mexicans speak "mexican"? There is no such language. It's spanish, but people still make the same mistake.

:D But, seriously Phoenix, your post is funny. It reminded me of this song my friend taught me in eighth grade:
"This land is my land
And my land only
I've got a shotgun
And you don't got one
I'll blow your heqad off
If you don't get off
This land is private property"

It's sung to the original "This land is my land" song...I don't know the real title.

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Thank you very, very much ;D

Thank you very, very much ;D

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Well he could squeak by with

Well he could squeak by with "Israeli" being acceptable if he argued dialects.
I mean those Southerners... WHOA! I can't understand half of 'em.

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Hahaha. Tell me about it

Hahaha. Tell me about it Azul. My extended family = cutthroat southern accents.

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Oh boy...

Then those god damn British... I can't stand their accent.
I mean it sounds like they've got the biggest stick up their ass. They need to get over themselves -,-

Do they just teach their children to grow up with a superiority complex or something?

Then those damn New Yorkers. No - you don't get your own dam dialect. Speak like something called a "person".

Then those Canooks. Whew! Christ. Don't even get my started on those damn canooks...

If you can't tell, I was being purely facetious.