today is interesting, lots of stuff on the mind

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so, today is my last day of suspension!
yay ^^
so uhm...
i have been going hemp crazy lately.
and... its paying off, my neck isnt as bare as usual.
so uhm...
i talked on the phone with the maggie last night and...
im beggining to like her more and more.
the subject that i liked her poped up.
on her part i'd say.
but whatev.
she knows.
i know ((durh))
we all know.
get over it, right?
but anyhoo.
elle is suposed to stay the night tomorrow night.
and we are supposed to go downtown and hang out with conner.
im not sure how that is gunna work out.
that kid has a major crush on me.
and... i like elle.
i mean... i dunno if i could see myself dating her.
but im not sure.
i have kissed her more than enough times.
and there is deffinetly a connection.
but ugh...
i think i just need to not like anyone.
cuz if you read my blog befor this
elle is nowhere to be found on there....
mise well add her to that "multiple choice question"
and.. elle isnt sure if she is bisexual or not...
im positive shes not lesbian.
but... im assumeing shes bi.
because... there are the random "dykes/butch/etc" ((pardon the name calling))
that walk by and shes like "oh damn!"
and her eyes get as big as ever and her jaw drops.
not to mention when i dress a certain way making me look more like one of the labels i stated befor she gets really jelous when i hang around with anyone but her. and shes all over me all of the time. and she starts talking about "checkers" ((checkers=our code for make-out)) in front of my EX! which i find enjoyable because...
im a person who likes the thrill in a relationship.
like the girl with the christian parents....
when they are on the phone with their parents i like to kiss their neck or run my hand up their thigh... and they like it.
or when the parents are out lean up against the front door and makeout hardcore so when they get home they interrupt you and cause you to panic ((not me the other one))
i love it.
i love it all.
what can i say im a thriller junkie.


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My mom ALMOST (almost, but

My mom ALMOST (almost, but not quite) caught me in bed with my ex. But we were just cuddling...anyhow, we heard her and had to get outta there and make the bed fast.

Yeah, I love that thrill thing, too.