Too Late To Apologize.

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You guys HAVE to read this! atleast those who all kept in track of whats happening in my life.
[This might interest Lol-taire] =)

We all hung out today,since school's over for good.We were at my friends place and started playing this so-called game of asking each other though provocative questions.And yes,my so-called ex,that bitch,S,was present too.
I asked a question to the group:
"If you had to apologize to anybody in this world,with all your heart,who would it be?"
I got random answers...some said their boyfriends,some said God,some said their parents...blah blah.What i was really interested in was S's answer.She was the last one to answer.She told,"I have one person to apologize to"
No one really urged her to tell the person's name,cuz it looked like she was dint really want to say it.
Now here's the main deal:
We all return home and i go on Messenger.She's online.This is what happened:

S: You know,today,when u asked that question?The person i wud apologize to,would be you
Me: [pleased and stunned at the same time] thnx...i guess.I knew it would be me,because i dont think u have provided so much harm to anyone u said you loved.
S: It wasnt love with them,i suppose.
Me: Ahan?
S: Ahan.
Me: If u say so.
Im so fuking happy! She's sorry,she's guilty,she's prolly even regretting :D:D:D
Ahh,i love to see her in pain.To repent.Ok,she might not be repenting in the sense that she shouldnt have left me,but she definetly repents causing so much pain to me.That a good sign.And as you can see,i dint really forgive her.And never will,i guess.
So here's what i said when i was going offline:
Me: You better be sorry
I dint wait for her reply.Wait,correction: I dint let her reply.


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When someone else's pain brings you joy, you have work to do...


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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im in agreeance with jeff.

im in agreeance with jeff. it cant make u feel better about urself at first, but in the long run its self destructive.