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Tomorrow morning i shall get on the 950 train to Toronto. Once in T.O. two of my sister's friends will be picking me up (she'll be at a Dr.'s appt.) Then we're going to the underground for dinner where i hope i will be joined by many people especially a certain sex kitten. lol. Or I'll see what i can do before dinnerish time since my sister will be gone.
I just finished packing my duffel bag. Well i have to add more underwear i just didn't have any more in my room. (i'm there for 4 days) 3 pairs of jeans, 4 tanks, one pullover-light comfy hoddie thingy, 4 pairs of sockies, pj pants, pj shirt. Which will also be accompanied by the 2 tank tops i wear there, the sweater and the sweatpants i wear on the train. I also packed my sisters giant eeyore she couldn't take with her last time and 2 packs of paper from my dad to my sis. Then i have to pack my carry on or entertainment bag or whatever you want ot call it with a few dvds, my lap top, phone charger, camera, a book. and snackies and muffins from my grandma to me and my sister.
It's Canadian Music Week in Canada so in T.O they have all these concerts this weekend I wanted to see Missy Higgins but to get into that one you have to be 19+ so we're deciding between two toehr possible one's. 1 has alanis morissette (or however you spell her last name) finger eleven and a bnch of other people the other one has Haley Sales and some dude. We may or may not go.