ugh, what? is her clock twisted er sumthan?

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ugh ugh ugh.
elle was supposed to be here at noon.
its 1:30 almost.
doesnt she realize i worry when she's late?
it doesnt bug me...
driving from where she lives to where live...
it should only take about....
15 mins?
not an hour and a half.
while i sit here and worry i will try to find a different topic.
how about maggie,
shes found someone to ask out...
it bugs me,
but if shes happy, im happy
see-----> ^___^
more like :(
but whatev.
i just ate a kid's cuisine....
the stuffed crust pizza kind...
and the pudding was rather....
the sprinkles make for a rather
"crunchy" texture.
not the best i'd say.
and now im watching a music video
where apparently this band thinks that its cool to base their entire music video on the paparatzi ((butchered that word)) bugging the hell out of britney spears.
one word for ya
((i'll spell it out))
its just about the most pathetic attempt at showing the world
your mature "emo" music.
im not "dawging" on the emo's here but seriously,
it was a buncha emo wannabee's makeing a video.
and it made it on a highly watched video show.
personally i like "we the kings"
their music is enjoyable.
but yea....
i might post another blog in a minute.
im off to change my background and song on myspace.