Violated by my friend :]

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So this afternoon I was somewhat molested by my friend.


Yeah, so it went like this:

I was waiting outside the all-girls school (funny how my school, which is all boys, is less than 3 blocks from the all GIRLS school) with my friend S. So S and I were talking about my Chinese class, and he stole my Chinese book from me, so I said, "Gimme my Chinese book back or I'll rape you!", because my friends and I say stuff like that to each other all the time. So S replies back, "Well it's not rape if I let you do it." And I'm like, Huh?

So he gives me the book back. And then I say something smart and he keeps putting his fingers in my face, and I'm like, "Don't put your fingers that close to my face, I might lick them", and he says, "Ooh I might like that".

A few minutes later he's standing on this ledge, and I'm standing on the ground looking up, and my face is rather close to his junk (LOL!). So I say, "Why am I so close to your crotch?" and he says, "Why aren't you closer?" and he grabs my head and tries to force my face into his junk. Again, HUH?!

So the rest of the afternoon he kept trying to get me to bend over so he could hump me, and I said, "That costs 5 dollars", and the asshole tried to pay me too. WTF.

I kinda hate when straight boys mess around like that, 'cause it gives me the wrong idea, obviously. There was this one moment, when I wanted to kiss him, but I restrained myself because I'm pretty sure he's straight. It was weird though, 'cause S never acted like that around me before.

I'm surrounded by perverts. :D


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i would've kissed him that day and said... you had it "cumming" or "you asked for it!" lol.
that would be a perfect excuse, especially if he knows your that way.

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I've found that sometimes when playing a game of chicken like this with straight boys, they don't always say chicken. I was going to mention an anecdote, but suffice it to say, they don't always say chicken, hehehe.

Also, $5 is way below market rate, even for Philly and especially for jailbait. :-)

using his logic, though, I'd have to say you can't be violated if you liked it, either.


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Yeah, I mentioned the five

Yeah, I mentioned the five dollar thing to my friend B, and she said "5 dollars?! you're selling yourself a bit short there..." Like my friends know anything about whoring. Well, neither do I... :P

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I don't think he'd

I don't think he'd necessarily be toying with you if on some level he didn't want it. I'd say just go for it and if he doesn't want it, well he brought it on himself.

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Aaww!I so understand wht ur

Aaww!I so understand wht ur going through.My bisexual friend A also faces the same problem at high school.His straight friends fiddle around with each other...they touch,kiss[on the neck,cheek] and caress each other.A is so confused,i mean,how would HE know who is for real?! he cant even make a move because he is not sure who is gay or not.They all seem/act gay! maybe its a form of covering up what really is...i mean,its kinda ok when us girls behave that way at school...because thats what girls usually do right?we hug,cuddle and kiss.but when boys do the same,in this *fun* manner,it raises questions.and then,a REAL gay amongst them,is left confused.
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