wasted vacation!

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I haven't really done anything over Spring Break, at all. I really just stayed home and read books and stuff. Well, no, Tuesday I had to go to school for a "retreat". Basically they assembled all the juniors, gave us a 1 hr. talk about abstinence (eww), gave us a 10 minute-break, gave us another presentation on internet safety (WTF?), made us sit through mass, and then sent us home.

After that I just ambled around the city. I went to Chinatown and bought a CD by a *really good* artist named Hong Han. Then I randomly met my friend Stacey (she was going back to work from a break), and she told me about this little indie bookstore in town. I went there and it was so awesome. Definitely going there instead of Borders now XD

Oh and I discovered this clip from Ant's "America is Ready" performance (it's awesome <3):

"Look at that girl's legs-- HIIIIIIII~! LET ME DO YOUR HAIR!" XD


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Oh my god, that was

Oh my god, that was hilarious! Thank you so much for posting that video, and I'm sorry for your mostly wasted vacation. That one day sounded pretty awesome though. My break just started, but I'm pretty sure that it's gonna be uneventful.

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Did you masturbate in the break after the abstinence lecture?


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Abstinence lectures are the

Abstinence lectures are the best, I think they're the only thing I miss about high school.

Did they use the trash bag analogy?
Did they crumple up a tin foil heart and then unfold it to show you that once you sex it up you're basically just crumpled tin foil that will never be the same?
Did they bust out the old mangy tooth brushes to illustrate that non virgins are dirty people that should be shunned?

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Yeah, I'm gonna miss having

Yeah, I'm gonna miss having these in college lol. They didn't use any of those analogies, but last year this guy came and tried to say the founder of Planned Parenthood was a Nazi or something.

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