went to a gay community center

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I went to this gay community center sort of thing today called smyal and it was lots of fun. At first it was really awkward because I'm already shy enough as is and all the people there when I got there were efeminate senior boys in highschool and they were practicing their runway walk to pop music. I'm a fairly masculine 9th girl who plays the harp and hates pop music; so I felt pretty out of place. I started talking to one of the people who works there and started to stop feeling quite so awkward. Then we played jepordy. My team creamed the other two teams and I answered most of the questions for my team. Doing that helped me get more involved in the group dynamics and by the end of the game I was laughing and goofing off along with everyone else. It turned out to be a lot of fun once I got used to the idea of being there at all.

If anyone lives in the DC metropoliten area, you should definatly come, pm me if you need directions