young adult fiction for fags

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after trolling thru old articles here, i found a review of the god box by aliex sanchez. looked it up on the town library catalogue. which then prompted me to search for more books of a similar nature. so today i found this book called "boy girl boy" by ron koertge. its ok. not fantastically inspiring, or even good. but i did like it. it was very witty and well written, but it was really thin. like, i zoomed thru it in an hour and a half. the ideas presented had potential, but weren't explored enough for me - and that bugged me. if i'm going to read something, it has to be of substance, like rupert everett's memoir, "red carpets and other banana skins". yes, i know i'm probably expecting too highly of it, but i was a bit disappointed in how thin it was. it reminds me of having this really inspired idea for a painting, but not reaching its full potential, as my high school art teacher told me countless times (he failed however, in showing me HOW to reach my full potential).

but i did enjoy how the characters matured and grew. like at the start, elliot, theresa and larry are crapping on, "lets run away to california together and never look back", blah blah blah. but at the end, they're more realistic, viewing their options, and dare i say it, letting themselves drift apart when they realise there is a WHOLE WORLD out there for them to explore.

read the book. it is good. but it didn't satisfy me totally. like having sex but not having an orgasm, as my hag tells me.


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I find young adult fiction

I find young adult fiction is often like that... not deep enough, not intellectual at all. Once in a while there will be an exception, but sometimes I feel that teen books are dumbed down.

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That's why I market The

That's why I market The Chronicles of Firma as "teen-friendly" rather than as YA fiction. Not only do I want to not limit my audience, but I don't want my books to be lumped in with many other works that are, as you say, "dumbed down".

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