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The play opens tomorrow night! We had an all day rehearsal today 6hrs of nothin but Gease with a 20 minute pizza break. We got through it 2 times. And we went through a bunch of the scenes more then twice. We're also still trying to get the mics and stuff to work.... we have like 15ish including handheld, stage ones, one for the piano and portable/clip on ones and we're trying to get two more clip on/portable ones cuz theres still not enough for everyone who needs them.
What's really sad is there may not be a cast party. No one can get there parents to okay one or has enough space for 40 + people. If i lived at my old house i'd have one there but my new house no room. My dad's house (aka my old house) is big and theres space i'd ask him but he's an asshole at times and would complain the whole time and would want it done by 11 so thats only a two hour party... which totaly wouldn't work.

Either tonight or next thursday i have to go to my friends play he's working back stage but he wants me to see it so me n my mom are gunna go... probably next thursday cuz tonight is the opening night but i'm unsure cuz next thursday i have to go to band. I don't know. I may not end up seeing it i'll have to see i'm just sooo busy but i'll feel bad if i don't.
I also have 3 resumes to drop off at a party place, subway and the local community centre. I'm determined to find a job so i don't have to babysit or work at a summer camp all summer. I want something somewhat flexible like i can take a day or two off (or just not work them) so i can go on a road trip or friends. I'm still a teen. This is when im suppose to be enjoyin life and having a blast. But at the same time I have to find a job and do all this crap cuz that's what has to be done. If i want a new clarinet for university auditions and for uni, if i want more ten a pair of jeans and a couple tops for the new school year i'll have to get a job. My mom pays for some stuff but i don't want her to nor can i expect her to pay for everything.


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Cool.. Well good luck

Cool.. Well good luck

love her purely or don't love her at all