10 000 steps DOS

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Has anyone ever pad attention to how many steps 10 000 is? You know how you have to get 10 000 or so steps per day god that's alot.
I went for a walk with my dog 15 or so blocks. The vertical blocks are approxiamtely 150-200 of my steps (i counted.. i was bored) and the horizontal ones are about 300ish. I have short strides therefore it ends up being more steps- my legs are really short.
Based on that
10 vertical= 2000ish steps
5 horizontal= 1500ish steps.
Total for 15 blocks- 3500 steps. 20 minutes.

I'm basically seeing how many blocks i can walk in a row without just wanting and needing to quit.. I'm not pushing myself yet too much just walking around out of boredom counting the blocks. I'm checking out how many blocks it is to my school and my goal is to eventually get up to walking that many i'll calculate how much time that is and so i can walk hom from school. And on inschool days i can walk to school. And next year i'll continue walking to school.
Eventually i hope to be able to run around alot.. I'm gunna start that soon but i'm not much of a runner/ jogger. And i don't know where any shows other then flip-flops and slip ons are.
Although i do walk around at school ALOT during class i get bored so i walk up and down the halls and at lunch everyone just walks around outside and stuff and around the halls.
This summer i hope to finally learn how to ride a bike or i wouldn't mind learning how to blade.
I also want to learn the guitar- which i've kinda started.
And i want to learn ASL... again. I knew it but it's been awhile so i figure it's time to refreshen it.

On other notes tomorrow is the day of silence and i'm not sure if im doing it. if i am it'll be the second half of the day because i have coop in which i have to speak and such so that is not an option to be quiet during.


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10,000 isn't much. Move to a big city. Don't get a car or monthly bus pass. You'll hit it most days, if you plan ahead (no running late for the movies, so you walk downtown), walk home, run errands, etc.

I think I did 10,000 most days (well, until I started this fulltime job anyway)

Err, how to ride a bike? How'd you miss that one?

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Yeh, im just gunna up and

Yeh, im just gunna up and move to a big city. Ha! Lol in University I'm going to London, Ontario- not that big.

I missed riding a bike cuz my dad wasn't around to teach me and my mom was to busy working to pay bills to teach me. At that time my sis and i hated each other so that wasn't an option. And it's not like i could teach myself. I'm a type of person who is afraid to fall so riding a bike and actually having to fall occasionaly scares the hell out of me. I won't even jump off of something over a foot tall- it freaks me out. Yes i realize if i want to learn now it will involve falling but when i was learning how to blade last spring (which i never finished) we put big hockey pads on me and it wasn't too bad. I also think i've developed a bit more balance since i was young so i may be able to learn. And i have a friend who is willing to teach me and she normally knows a bunch of different tricks to help people learn stuff like that. When we were learning to rollerbalde we used a wheelchair for me to hold onto. It's like the whole learning to skate where little kids use chairs. Then i moved up to using her. Then i was doing a bit on my own until i'd fall.
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