Ahhhhhh! (scream of victory)

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I am soooo freaking happy to be out of the closet. i can finally be myself around my family and even my friends regardless of the fact that being gay can get me kicked out of school. Honestly i just don't give a fuck. Essentially my sexuality is the secret that everyone there knows about, they all knew way before i ever told anyone. As long as the faculty doesn't find out I should be fine. I've only got one more year so I'll live with it.


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Well. Congrats. Doesn't it

Well. Congrats. Doesn't it feel better?
Hope the whole school thing goes okay.
And trust me, words spread.. But I don't see why you would get kicked out.. Anyway Hope all goes well.

love her purely or don't love her at all

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Christian school sucks.

Christian school sucks.

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just find someone

to make lovely lesbian christian school girl smut memories with, and you'll be fine ;P