Angel with a torn wing =(

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I fucking torn my lower leg tissue!
Since exams are over,i was freaking out in a local park with my friends.To cut a long story short,i fell from a see-saw.
Yepp,You read right.A see-saw.Now i have successfully torn my leg tissue severely.So much,that i have plaster wrapped around from my knee till my toe's.
And Im moving around with the help of clutches.Its sucks.I hate it.
Here's the worst part of it all: My senior prom's tomorrow and i CANT make it =(
I was so highly depressed for a day...but now im taking all this in a positive way.
What if something bad was gona happen at the prom and God actually saved me from it? What if somethng gud is gona come outa this?
Its been 2 days since im like this,and Doc said i need 8 more days bed rest.
And guess what,im loving the attention and care :D
My friends are visiting me since yesterday! Its so cool...they brought flowers and one of them brought a basket of apples[weird,yes,but who cares!].
D came home the 1st day,itself.She's so upset that i cant make it to the prom.She even decided not to go,but i urged her to go for it.I mean,i dont want her to stay back and let go of her dream to attend our Prom.Besides,our other friends are also gona be there.I would love it if she goes and has fun from my side too.
You know the twist in all this?
Me and S are actually talking because of all this.
She called me up and started asking about my leg anf stuff.And then she inquired about my mom,my sister and everyone else in the house.
And then she's like "doesnt your mom ask you why i dont call anymore?"
And i couldnt lie,cuz my mom DOES ask me about S a lot.She doubts somethings wrong.But i never told my mom...
I told S that mom does ask me about her and she told me that so does her mom.
Its weird.S is being so nice to all of a sudden,i mean,so caring,so supportive...its fucking strange.
I duno how to react to it.I dont want her to think that we can be friends like before,because i DONT want us to be like before.
Im better off without her.
She's an emotional crippler