bang bang!

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that title just popped into my head, i liked the resonance and timbre it had in my head.

anyhoo, i had a really good weekend. it was full to the brim! however, the downside is that i didnt get any work done for uni, but i will be studying hard all week. so anyhoo, yesterday i saw a movie; hung out with mike; visited my former english teacher with a good mate of mine; went to the drive in movie theatre, despite it being cancelled and ended up renting some movies instead. then today i did some cleaning hung out with a mate, then went to the warhol exhibit for the 3rd and final time as today was the last day.

im reading "holding the man" by timothy conigrave. i missed it when the stage adaption was in brissie, but i've read the script, so i know the gist of the storyline. but the book is so good... i think its great. ive just finished part 1 where the boys are at school, which really struck home for me. they're now entering into the uni years. i'm already sad because i know what will happen to them! its a true story, the 15 year love affair that tim has with the captain of his high school footy team, john. its a beautiful story, i like it very much.

the interesting part is, my former english teacher lent it to me, prompting speculation on my part of his sexuality. this man is great, he's everybody's favourite teacher. he's in his mid 50s, lives alone, has never married, no children, has a lot of gay literature in his home. and he taught the brother of one of my friends in her mid 20s, and she knew all about him. when i said i think he may be gay, she goes "isn't it common knowledge?" cos apparently when her bro was going through the school a decade or 2 ago, it was just known and accepted. but that doesnt prove anything to me. when i finish the book, i want to took to him about it, and if he's comfortable to share, that's cool with me.

goodnite kids.


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boom boom!

sorry, just when I read bang bang! i couldn't resist writing boom boom!
someone continue the trend! follow this up with bam bam! we'll be starting the band lovely miss whateversexual posted about!

p.s. dear scandal: I'm glad you had a good weekend :-)

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no thank you.

That trend ended... as of two seconds ago...

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Haha, Azul. That's what you get! Try raining on THIS parade!!! >:P

I just wanted in on the fun.

That is all.