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Oh my gosh! I'm here. I'm typing away at my uncle's MacBook in their urban apartment in Sao Paulo. I just barely got back from RDJ (Rio), which was FUCKING amazing!

But anyway... Rio!
Kind of sucked cause I didn't know the language, but hey, at the same time it was kind of cool. I went to this FUCKING AMAZING futball game. It was Botofago v. the Sao Paulo national team. Batofago won by one point, it was a shut down. Oh and the crowds. I can't even describe it.

So that was my night in Rio after sleeping about 3 hours total on a cramped plane flown by Delta...

The following morning (very refreshed) my uncle and I went up to the cafe at the top of the hotel and had breakfast. OMG! I love fresh fruit.

Then we went to the beach. That was so amazing. SO many speedos. The guys weren't my particular style though, I tend to be attracted to caucasians more often or not.

Then my uncle and I went to the botanical gardens. Pretty good. Then we went up to the gondola to the Sugar Loaf. FUCKING AMAZING!

And, I'm about done.


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You should get a Brazilian there. I imagine they should do it best, no?

Also, learn to appreciate your surroundings. There'll be enough white guys when you come home.


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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enough white guys? FUCK! I

enough white guys?
FUCK! I live in VERMONT! If the fact that many don't know where that is didn't give it away, we're 96.7% white...

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Sounds like overall you had

Sounds like overall you had a FUCKING awsome time. Hehe
Anyway, hope at Sao Paulo you have an ever better time. =]
Maybe you should try Cali for some speedos, try surfing (maybe with a hot surfer instructor?)
Lol.. Well, I'm glad you had fun..

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