cheers to terrible

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To spending an hour looking for a Guitar Center that doesn't exist in a city I don't live in. To playing horribly at a girl's sixteenth birthday party.

To cute girls who have boyfriends. To cute girls who you just found out are bisexual and taken by a man. To the cute girl who actually talked to you... standing next to the boyfriend. The cute girl who bothered to say your band was good and start a small conversation... while her drunk boyfriend stands next to her.

Well, maybe it wasn't a boyfriend. Maybe, a friend. I don't know, she was hanging on him a little. She had a nice name, too. Tall, my age, really seemed quite friendly. Smiled at me. Cheered when we played.

To working 5 fucking days this week!!! WTF.

But at least I played badminton with C and slept by the beach.


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How about

cheers to having a gig at all. Cheers to being able to openly notice cute girls. Cheers to having a place to vent. :)

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upon a re-read

this comment sounds harsh when it really is not meant to be. Just pointing out the other side of the coin :)

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Haha nah, I got it. You were

Haha nah, I got it. You were merely offering optimism, and I appreciate that. Nah, playing that gig was cool, just it's too bad we sucked at it. Otherwise, cool, we got to play. Definetely big cheers to noticing cute girls, and tell my friends that I've seen a cute girl, and have them all look and go on the journey with me, haha.

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Cheers to.... I donno, I

Cheers to.... I donno, I just like participating in cheers! *raises glass of wine* or I just really like a fine wine =)

Yay for badminton!! Tis a great game =) Gosh and I'm jealous - sleeping by the beach. We're just getting over winter weather where I'm at! the high's are ranging from -5 to plus 5 (celsius) and people here think it's t-shirt weather =P

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cheers to you and finding

cheers to you and finding the fun out of all the crappy times........and in the making of working up my courage to ask that cute girl out hahaha
Sleeping by the beach is soooo nicee. Arhg must be really warm out for you.

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Haha, I think people are

Haha, I think people are getting the wrong idea... I slept in a house by the beach, not just on the beach. So it was warm most of the time [it actually rained one day, and was foggy after that] but I was probably warm because I was in a bed under sheets.

Ask cute girl out!!