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Tired would be a word I could use to describe myself right now.As I near the end of this semester of college before the Summer break.I am swamped in assignments and exam stress....but who isn't at this time of year I guess!

Aside from this I have only recently discovered how exciting and fun college can be.This is probably a little shocking since I am reaching the end of my second year(i still have two to go).I have come-out a little bit at college(some friends know) and I joined my lgbt society.I only joined last week though and tomorrow's meeting is the last before Summer. I am seriously kicking myself for not joining sooner!!

After the meeting last week I wasn't sure if it was for me.Mainly because everyone in the society is very much out of the closet.But really that is where I want to be,and just meeting up with them for an hour has given me such a push of confidence about it.They are all such nice,regular people.I'm not sure really what I expected lol.They were welcoming and including me in all their banter and stories which was nice since most of them have been hanging out together all year.So I have made a decision, a firm decision to be well out of the closet by the time I start back to college in September.I want to join the society from the start of the year,spend time with people who are so nice,fun and accepting.Even if everything falls apart when I come-out I have to do it.It feels like I have had a taste of being out of the closet and it is so much nicer than where I am now.

I know sitting writing that I will come-out all seems fine when I have been saying it for about a year and still not progressed much further with just doing it.But having more friends that know has provided a lot more support.The thing is however I am going to have to wait until July,nearly August before I can do it.Right now I am in the middle of assignments/exams to be sidetracked by any fallout from it.Once I am finished college I am leaving to go travelling for a month so I would prefere to still be around the place once I have done it.So it will be the end of July when I tell my family,and honestly after that I don't care who knows.

Ok this may have been I just needed to write it I guess.Catch ya laterz. a bit rambly but


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I think you control your future, and if you anticipate fallout and a bad coming out, you'll get it. A lot of people influence their coming out a lot more than they think. If you tell people you're gay like you'd tell them you have terminal cancer, you don't need to wonder why no one will seem happy for you.

Something to consider.


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