couple of loose ends

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i had this posted in the forum topic until i saw how old it was... i dont know how it got up in the recent part. but i decided that i felt my answer was something to get off my chest:

"i had this discussion with 2 straight friends (a couple in fact), and i wanted to know if they considered me to still be virgin. they said yes, because i did not penetrate, and was not penetrated. but feel like i did had sex... it was a mutual type of thing... and it wasnt just me on my knees, it was body to body.
it really is complicated ay?
so i feel like i had sex.... but im still a virgin in some aspects."

i also saw secretary tonight. i loved it! i love maggie g, and the movie just spoke to me in a way. it just clicked, i loved it all.


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The elusive gay virginity.... it is sort of self-defined, but personally, I think you lose your virginity when you have sex. And, no matter what President Clinton says, oral sex has sex right there in the description.

Sure, you have some virgin parts yet, and things you haven't done, but no matter how many people signing abstinence pledges and give their boyfriends blowjobs while taking it in the ass, I'm sort of old school.

You're not a virgin, IMHO.


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