Discovery O_o

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I made a discovery!
Adrienne Rich was a lesbian!
The same Adrienne Rich who's poem's we all probably learned in High school![ which,btw,just got over for me:p]

Ok,so its nt sure,but she was definetly a lesbian feminist[I looked it up in wikipedia]But im sure she must have turned into a lesbian later on..

Omg! I was totally shocked! I told all my queer and queer friendly friends about this.They were pretty excited too.And then we did this whole search on famous lesbian poets.It was cool.I also found out that Audre Lorde was also a lesbian,who fought for lesbian rights[therefore a lesbian feminist too] and not to mention,she was a black american writer, and a poet.Writers like Mae Brown also were queer.

Im so happy! Im so glad queer people made their mark in this world! yaay!:D Now im obsessed with looking up for famous queer people in EVERY field possible!

This is SO cool. This gives me Hope. That there is acceptance in this world...Hope that we all can make our mark too...


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finding famous gays is fun

I got sooooooo excited when I found out that Tchaikovsky was gay. Some other writers who were gay are hermon melville, virginia woolf, marcel proust, and willa cather. I didn't recognize any of their names, but I found it in the same book that I found out about Tchaikovsky in.

"gay: cheerful and lighthearted; merry." - The American Heritage Dictionary.