Dreams and David Levithan

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I normally have really strange dreams. I'm used to this, I've had them my whole life. They're chalk full of meaning, but the one that has stuck with me most recently is one I had recently.

In it, Summer was stroking my stomach, but not in a sexual way. In a loving way. I looked up what seeing your stomach in your dreams means and got this: (seeing one's stomach) suggests the beginning of new changes in your life. It may refer to your difficulties with accepting these changes. It is also indicative of how you can no longer tolerate or put up with a particular situation, relationship, or person.

I just found this interesting.

Also, I went to a book reading of David Levithan's. HE IS AMAZING. Not just his books (Boy meets Boy, Are we there yet?, The realm of possibility, Wide Awake, Nick and Norah's Infinite playlist, Naomi and Eli's No-Kiss list, and How they met and other stories), but him as well. However, midway through his presentation there was a man who decided to speak up about how David's books lack ethics and morals, about how gay people have no ethics or morals. About how AIDS is entirely the fault of gay men. I was in shock. I live in a fairly liberal area, and did not expect this outburst. I found myself paralyzed by his words. I've never been a direct target of such ignorance, but I felt as if that man was attacking everyone in the room. I didn't stand up to him. I couldn't find the words. Midway through his rant, the woman sitting next to him said "There are some kids here who would like to talk to him about his books." and he was escorted out. But his prescence lingered stayed with me. His words stayed with me. I was so angry with myself. I've always longed for a great oppurtunity to stand up for myself, for others. And I let this slip away. Even now, I'm still ashamed and angry with myself. I should have told him that he was wrong. i should have showed him he was wrong. But I didn't.


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Not quite sure how that is your role as an audience member? Seems like David and the bookstore staff should handle getting that guy out and things back on course, no?


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I'm just a little curious. You say you have dreams and it sounds like you're avid about looking up information about them... If I'm correct can you mention any sites that I might find of use to look up a dream I've recently had. It's not the most special dream of any sort but for some reason has taken on meaning to me. I just don't know of what kind.

Hope to hear from you.