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Such a negative word isn't it? And low-fat attracts so many, why?

But I've always taken on the connotation that fat=flavor, which it definitely does. I've never particularly cared for low-fat yogurt, milk, cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, crackers, cheez-itz, bacon, turkey, ect. But why has our society become fatter, when our fat intakes have dropped.

What makes the Western Diet so damn evil, when nutritionism is in place to make it better.


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I think it's because as a

I think it's because as a society we figure we're taking in less fat at one time so we can take in more at a time or eat more of that thing. Mean while not realizing by eating more of it we're taking in just as much fat as we would have if we had eaten the regular fat food, with less flavour and more calories and carbs.
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I doubt people's fat intake

I doubt people's fat intake actually has dropped, but even if it has people live sedentary lifestyles, don't prepare their own meals and they over eat.

And of course not all the fat stored in our bodies is from dietary fat- excess carbohydrates/ sugars are converted into fat and stored.

Oh and alcohol, if people drink too much and that's basically just taking in sugars. And stress- stress makes people put on weight and can drive people to comfort eat.

People don't know how to cook, or don't have time to cook. That's a big part of the problem. If you cook at home you can season food with things other than just more fat, more sugar, more MSG.
And people don't take joy in what they eat- they eat alone, they eat in front of the telly, they eat standing up or walking in the street, they feel guilty for eating what they like, they don't know/ can't afford good food.

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Fat intake never dropped, only the perception that it has dropped because of misleading practices. I remember during the fat-free craze that any amount of fat less than 1% is considered zero, so people would just add more other stuff to a cookie, until they got the fat amount under 1%. It wasn't even necessarily less fat than the normal cookie, you just ate more calories and the same amount of fat.

And.. nutiritionism is one of the most harmful things going, not sure why you'd think it's making things better. You can read the new Michael Pollan book for a lot of examples about this.


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