Grey days

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It's raining outside my window. Today i had my children's literature tutorial. i find it very interesting, because you disect the ways we read- what we do subconsciously in our minds as we read. we are focusing on the reader response theories, specifically the Beach model (Beach being the author). we focus on the experiential, textual, social and cultural theories of response and the processes entailed in each one. im such a nerd, i love it. tomorrow i'll be starting work on my defense of a reading, where we apply all these theories and models to a text. it's big, but i think it will be good.

however, i really need to start work on my dramatic form essay due next week, havent started and i want to have time to do it, unlike leaving it to the last minute. i'll get my study group together (basically me and this other girl) and we'll have a session.

feeling funny about A lately. i miss him alot, and ive been thinking about our shenanigans. i loved it, i fucking loved it. all i can see in my head is him going down on me, and how it turned me on even more watching him. i also miss having him in my life, the feelings i had for him. haven't seen him in 2 weeks, cos thats the only way i'll cope. all my walls i've built would just get ripped down, and i need them up at the moment. i also just miss him, being around him. he's a fun guy, and im a bit lonely and just a tad bored and sad without him being around.