Grl 2 Grl - Julie Anne Peters (Book Review)

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Grl 2 Grl is a book that has many short storys about teenage lesbian confusion. It is filled with coming out stories, first time adventures and much more. The first story I read in this book brought me to tears.. It make me seem like someone was writting about me. It made me feel like, i'm not alone out there. This book is filled with bi-curious stories, pure-lesbian fantases and just straghit out confusion. This book is not like much others. This book is a step out of the closet. It helps you come to a conclusion as to who you are. This is a must buy. Let me know what you guys think after you read it..
PS: Julie Anne Peters books are all exeptionaly amazing. ><

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I thought this was a great

I thought this was a great book.
here's my review of it.... incase you haven't seen it.
I think we should post double reviews of stuff or triple or many of the same thing... so that we get more tehn one person's opinion.
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This book was downright

This book was downright amazing. Some stories had my feelings pinned down perfectly even though my feelings were never feelinsg of confusion over being a lesbian. Some stories were down right heart breaking, epsecially the one about the stone butch.
and I agree her books are amazing, there has only been one that I have had issues getting through. Luna was not like the others for some reason, but it was still a good book over all.