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I was up til midnight studying last night, making notes and going over what i have with other friends. I'm not worried about it now, today i will get it done! but just in case i'm ringing in work to tell them that i can't make my shift tomorrow morning. this essay is due in my 5pm tomorrow, and i need all the time i can get - including 3 hrs in the morning.

ok, just rang, totally not a problem. So i should be able to get it done!

So after i had this in, i have that night plus the weekend to write my essay on process drama for dramatic form, then i need to complete an online literacy test twice - one for each english subject. it's such a bastard. i've have these past 7 weeks to do it, but trust me to leave things to the last minute. so i have until next friday to do them. the scary thing though, is that if i fail them, i fail the course. so i need to do pass them!!! it will be fine though... i hope.

so anyway, focusing on the positive! i am getting work done, and i'm starting to feel like i have a work ethic. i have never stayed up so long working on an assignment before.

i'm also watching this video here: (don't ask me what i was searching for :P) its all footy guys getting naked with each other, getting all sexual. i've seen that shit a hundred times before at school. it was weird because it was exactly the same. i just don't really understand the mentalilty behind it, you know? i will never understand heterosexual men for as long as i live. what possesses them to get naked, touch each other, mack out, suck nipple, yet turn around and say "we're straight, we hate poofters!" (that's not on the video, but i've heard it elsewhere). i just don't understand them. well, now i realise not to take it seriously when their attention turns to me, and not to encourage them because i have the troubling habit of mistaking it for genuine affection. and don't get me wrong, i dont mind having a perv when it's going on, but still...

anyway, back to my english essay!