I can belt a C sharp!

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Which used to be my break, like, a week ago.

But now I can hit it and sustain it. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! IT'S SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!

Next stop, Defying Gravity.

Although according to my voice teacher I have to work through 'Suddenly Seymour' and 'The Wizard and I' first.


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Hehehehe "suddenly seymour"

Hehehehe "suddenly seymour" is the cutest song xD
I think one of my happiest moments was when I realized I could sing the F in Defying Gravity. and It's upward and onwards from there, I'm passing G now. =D

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Singing anything from Wicked doesn't seem like much of a goal... the appeal of that show eludes me.


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well, as long as YOU would

well, as long as YOU would never strive to acheive it, Jeff, it couldn't be a worthwile goal.

Wicked is a chick show. No question there. Mostly the sarcastic and callus amongst us don't like it. Understandable.

Still, lets not insult other's taste.

Be yourself. 'Cause if you're busy being somebody else, who's gonna be you?

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That's damn awesome! I can

That's damn awesome! I can usually get a C, only a C# very occasionally (think I got a D once, but I can't count on it...) I think Defying Gravity is a D or a D# though... so as much as I hate to be a party-pooper, you've got a ways to go. (I... think? Do you have a different version? Or maybe I'm just crazy...)

In Mystery of Edwin Drood, the end of the final number is a B, but there's an optional high E which is such a bitch to hit, and my friend who was playing Drood just went for it on the very last night and hit it and it was so freakin' amazing!!! ^^

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no, i've got the same

no, i've got the same version of defying gravity. she sustains a C sharp and hits an F sharp. but you're right, i do have a ways to go!

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I love Defying Gravity it's

I love Defying Gravity it's the only song i've heard from Wicked and im waiting to see Wicked. Cuz the song is amazing!!!!
I can't sing... but on a clarinet i can get up to a high G not the one right ontop of the staff but the one an octave higher.
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i freakin' love suddenly

i freakin' love suddenly seymour.....

and can't stand The Wizard and I....


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