i can still smell your dad...

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that was part of a line i DIDN'T use today in my performance piece. we did a frame about fear, which led to sexual abuse as the root of it. in one part, our heroine is accosted by myself and a fellow bully. we say nasty things and push her and abuse her even more. at one point i was going to say, "Shut your legs, I can still smell your dad". its horrible, but in the context it could have worked. i liked the line but was unsure. our heroine loved it, but the 2 out of the 3 others didnt. i wasn't really comfortable about saying it in front of the whole class either. still would have worked, i feel.
so the whole thing was intense. in the last frame i play her subconscious. we were screaming at her so much. so im emotionally spent, it was pretty crazy. it was cool though, cos afterwards, everyone was stunned. then they were like, "that was awesome! so intense!" it was cool to be THAT group, where everyone thinks your work is really good. i love it.
im over A. well feel like im gettin there. he isnt in my life anymore, so that makes it easier. i havent seen him in 3 weeks. like, literally seen him. he's totally disappeared!


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congrats on a great

congrats on a great performance. It sounds super-insense...

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