I dont know what to feel

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okay so this past week was pretty kick ass I order some new software and got an acadmic award and an attendant quit (jeff not C. don't panic lol)
then today my best friend JB., her her husband's facebook status reads counting down the days til Korea appearently they are moving to Korea in July and I am sooo worried that I will never see her again as it is its been 9 years since i have seen her during which time shes married and had a kid! she says she will be at my wedding- but I dont know if that will ever happen and the reason i havent seen her in nine years is she lives on the other side of the country
in other sad news my friend J is 16 and he and i went to high school for a year or two before moving back home to Newfoundland he was in an ATV accident in June 2007 and has been a variety of hospitals since the current one since oct I was talking to him tonight and learned that the had a wound in the leg that he had his syndrome in and it didnt heal and cause the leg to die so they had to ampuate