i had to call 911 on my father....

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my night started out ok
i went to therapy
talking to charleen helped
it almost always does
after that i went on a run
and then my older brother asked if i wanted to go out on a walk in the park
it was one of the very few times i have ever had a real meaningful conersation with my brother
i talked him through all the stuff thats going on with my mom and my grandmother
we both miss my grandma so much
and my mom is takeing her passing horribly
so i am trying my best to be there for both of them
i talk to my mom and do every thing she asks of me
not that i didnt before...
and well my brother told me about himself
more so then i have ever known
he told me how his relationship with our father has hurt him in many ways
not only emotionaly but phisicaly as well...
and we talked about my grandfather
and we talked about nick......
i could hear the anger and hurt he had built inside of him from nick
he told me he wished he could kill him
and would if he had the chance
i understand it
he is my brother
he wants to protect me
he feels bad caz when i was being aboused by nick he did not know
so he could not stop it...
he also told me the good things that have been going on in his life
he told me about his gf and all that good stuff
and it made the night even better that it was so beautiful tonight you could never imagin
but then my father had to call right at that moment
when my brother was finaly feeling the lest bit better about all of what has been going on lately
he was drunk
he tried to get mikey boy (my brother) to lie to the cops for him
mike said no
she dad got pissed and hung up
about 10 mins later when mikey and i were headed home he called again
but this time the truper that had taken the phone from my dad wanted to talk to him
my brother told the truper he would be there as soon as he could
so i told mikey that i was going with him
at first he said no
then i told him i did not think it would be safe for them to be in a car alone when day was drunk
mikey then agreed that i should come
oddly enough my brother being 23 and my father being 47 fright and fight and yet i a 14 year old has to be the one to stop it...
so we drove for about 35 mins to get to where he was and we saw him walking down a highway
we picked him up and he smelled of hard alcohal
he said he only had one beer
but it was a lie
he smelled like he had bathed in rum
him and my brother raised a few harsh words
i did not get into it that time
i was busy thinking why in gods name would a state truper leave a drunk man on the side of a highway with his care keys?
by the time my mind was done with that thought we got to his camper/truck thingy
so my dad hops right out of the truck and gets into his camper thingy
mind you he has no licence and he is drunk
and i say mikey we cant let he do this
so i jump out of the care and try to show him some sence
i said something along the lines of hey dad you need to get out of the car mike and i are going to drive you someplace you can stay for the night
he replid
no you need to trust me! im your fucking father Meghan
i stayed calm and said once more
dad you are not well enough to drive i am scared for you get out of the car
he screamed no
then sped off
so then we went after him
all the while i am telling mike that i am going to call 911
and that i needed to
he of course did not want me to
but when we found my father mike got out of the car and started to yell at him
i jumped out and called 911 right at that moment
i talk the lady on the other end everything that had happend and where we were
after that we left
and not i asum he is in jail....
there is alot more to this night
but i cant post it now
it is 6 am and i have not slept yet
and my mom is telling me i must get off the comp...


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that sounds

like an absolutely horrible, stressful night, but good for you for handling things so maturely. You should be proud of yourself!