"If I Had Eyes..."

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I'd probably save myself by now.

Usually when I come on this site and I read the journals over the past few days the majority of them are all depressing and sad. I took a couple minutes to scroll through the latest journals and all of them seem happy. People are happy and excited in their lives. It makes me happy to think that somewhere people are not secluded in depression. =D and I mean that too, I'm not being all corny and "World Peace! 8D"
I guess there's a lot of that going around because I seem pretty happy too, for the most part.
The first day of spring break I went over to my best friend's house for a sleep over whooo and I was planning on coming out to her but I kiiiiiinda chickened out and decided to wait a little longer until I felt absolutely comfortable and that it was the oppurtune moment. But really I am going to tell SOMEONE soon. We stayed up real late until like 6am watching The Shining and dozed off on her bed until 7 when her mom woke us up by putting FERRETS ON ME and I'm like WTF WEASEL! and then was up the rest of the day. "Awake by ferret" is not the most 'fun' way to wake...-_____-
After I went home I had about an hour to clean up and then I left to a party at CHUCK E CHEESE, yeah, we're so mature! And after I spent the day at my other friends house we (and 5 others) saw Shutter at 9 that night and slept over at her house. It was craaaaazy having not slept for pretty much 48 hours, I was basically living off mountain dew (not that I mind) and assortments of sugar such as DONUTS and CAKE and FUN DIP etc.
I guess it kinda sucked because the next day (Sunday) I had a soccer game at 3 but somehow I managed to get some sleep at the sleepover and no one put makeup or whipping cream on my face *phew* that's always a conscious fear when at a sleep over.
My team won the soccer game like 6-1, it was hailing then it was sunny and it was overall a very weird game and I think the reff was gay, ha....
When I got home I slept. I slept for 14 hours into the next day, it was grand.
The first 3 days of spring break were spectacular. atm I'm listening to old mixed cds I made when I was young, it's fun to reminisce....