I'm in Peter Pan! And I came out to this awesome girl!

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Wow, it's been SO LONG since I posted on here! I'm sorry, guys. Forgive me? Anyway, I got into a play! It's Peter Pan, and I'm one of the pirates! Arr! It's so fawesome being in a play. We've been performing for a couple of weeks now. The last performance is on Sunday. I can't believe this is almost over! It's always really sad when a play ends, because you know that you're never, ever going to see all of the people in the play together in another production again. It sucks.

Tonight practically everyone screwed up. The Darling kids weren't flown right, this one guy's wig fell off, people messed up during the set changes, all of that good stuff. I swear, someone must have said the name of the Scottish play or something, because it was like we were under a curse.

But the audience tonight was the best EVER! They laughed a lot and clapped along to the music and stuff. It was so amazing. During the part where Hook's poisoned Peter Pan's medicine and he's about to take his medicine and Tink's telling him not to drink it, some random kid from the audience shouted, "Yeah, take it!" God, why would someone want Peter Pan to die? It was ridiculously funny. Like I said, best audience EVER.

Plus I came out to this girl while we were sitting backstage. She and this guy were talking about the Day of Silence and how gay people rock and I just blurted out during one of the songs, "I'm gay." She said that was cool and gave me a high five. She's so fawesome!

She was talking about how she did the Day of Silence and how it made her realize how gay people feel. She said that she can't imagine being silent all of the time and not talking about this one part of your life, ever. It's so cool to see a straight person who actually gets it! She's so awesome.

My equally awesome friend H did the Day of Silence today too. I love her so much. Seriously. I mean, come on, how many middle schoolers do you know who actually participate in the Day of Silence? It's so great how she doesn't care about what anyone thinks about her.

I wanted to do the Day of Silence, but I forgot about it until yesterday. Plus I was afraid that someone would make fun of me for defending gay people. Practically everyone at my school thinks I'm gay, and I was so afraid of people harassing me like they did when the rumors first started. I feel like such a wimp.

Oh well. Maybe next year. Besides, I can't imagine not talking for an entire school day. I'm such a chatterbox when I'm with my friends. ^_^

But H was able to do it perfectly fine... Ugh, I wish I could be more like her. Why should I be afraid of what the people at my school think about me, anyway? They're idiots.

I'm gonna go work on my homework. I couldn't do it before now because I had a performance tonight. Plus you guys are awesome, so I wanted to talk to you again. :) Yeah. So, bye!


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peter pan is awesome. We did

peter pan is awesome. We did this really really lame minimized version of it when I was in 5th grade. I was the CROCODILE.

Good job with the coming out too!

Be yourself. 'Cause if you're busy being somebody else, who's gonna be you?

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Our GSA is doing Day of

Our GSA is doing Day of Silence next week, because Friday was a half day. Good for you for doing it on time!