I'm sorry you guys.

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I hate just rambling about my problems.
But I needed to go to someone or something.
I just want to seem all okay.
But I know you all probably know i'm not.
So i'm sorry.


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Rambling is good. You should

Rambling is good. You should not be sorry. This is your journal. If people don't like what they see/read, then they can damn well just skip over it. So don't be sorry. This site is a great place to spill thoughts, good and/or bad.

I like to ramble myself. When I first started off on this site, all I did was bitch and complain (although most of my depressing ones I deleted cuz' I stupidly put my freaking full name in one of my entries and panicked lol)! I was going through some harsh times, and every once and a while the same emotions come back. The same taunting feelings. But I do not deny that things haaave gotten indeed better over time.

And really, do know you're not alone in the 'not being alright' category here. I think, from what I've seen, most people that find this site and write stuff are for the most part 'not alright'. Or else why would they have searched and joined this site in the first place right? But that is what make this site beneficial - it is a resource that makes it easier to find other people that we can connect with/allows us to find people who may relate to our own stories that much easier.

so blab away my friend =)