It's been a while!

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Whooee, it's definitely been a few moons since I've written anything in here. In my first few months on Oasis I thought I'd NEVER fall into the trap of getting over my coming out problems, skedaddling right on out, and hardly ever writing, but...well...I think we see how well I kept out of that one.

Things have been okay. Busy. Sometimes stressful, sometimes not. I've been single for a while now. One part of me still wants a guy, but it's only one part, and I'll be honest and say it's not a huge part. XD My attitude lately has just been "I don't need no f***in' man!" (Stated with a saucy black woman tone.) Looking at all the people in my school who just whore themselves out so they can have somebody makes me sad (and I'm not going to lie, more than a little judgmental); I don't want to be like that.

I am quite the jubilous little jujubee about something. (And yes, I know jubilous isn't a really should be.) Um, hello, college! I'm still a year away, but I can feel it moving closer all the time. Really, though, most of the excitement has been recent since I've made a radical change in my college/career plans. Okay, so for a long time all I've wanted to do for a job is write. You'd think with all the words we see everyday it'd be pretty easy to get employed as a writer, right? Well, no. I'm definitely not into advertising or journalism--they're too stressful, and sometimes even evil--and I can't sincerely expect to spend all my time writing the next great American novel in my room and still have the cash to be able to EAT. So what I settled for for my career plan was to be a professor of English/creative writing--I mean, it's the closest thing, correct? Honestly, if it weren't for my little breakthrough a few days ago, I probably WOULD be a professor ten years from now. I really don't think I'd mind it. But talking to a friend, I finally realized what would be the absolute perfect job for me--screenwriter! It'd be similar to being an author, but with the excitement (and the income) of LA. And I think I'd do a bang-up job with it--my writing can be serious and heartbreaking, like with dramas, or fun and quirky, great for comedies. So I'm kind of dying to go to the University of Southern California in LA. They have the best cinema school on the planet. And come on, man, it's LA. It's going to be tough--they only accept 26 people into their screenwriting program each year--but my friend who's involved in the program and has read my writing is convinced that I'll get it. I'm SO excited, though...this situation has rekindled not only my love of writing, but my love of life as well.

Bon appetit.


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I was wandering where you disappeared to only yesterday. Welcome back!

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Personally, I think you should pursue the strain of writing you are most interested in as a student, no matter if it seems financially viable. Lots of people don't find careers in their majors, but you can never go wrong following your passion. One of my bosses at a Fortune 500 company studied French Poetry, or somesuch.

Also, I think there is a lot to be said that the majority of successful people got there by not giving themselves options.

To quote David Mamet: "The best advice one can give an aspiring artist is 'Have something to fall back on.' The merit of the instruction is this: those who adopt it spare themselves the rigor of artistic life."

Money and stability are nice, but they rarely intersect with passion. I studied journalism as a fallback for creative writing... so, what happened? I became a newspaper reporter right out of college, and then a magazine writer, etc., etc. I'm only getting back to my initial impulse all along at 39 and finishing my first novel.

So, I've been on the fallback/stability path, and my advice is stay off it. :-)


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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Well the thing is I really

Well the thing is I really DO want to pursue screenwriting more. I probably should've explained things better...I was thinking of novel-writing initially, then I decided to go for professorship as a fall-back, and next I realized screenwriting would be the perfect thing for me--even more so than the initial writing for books and such. I'm really just much more interested in this form of pencil-to-paper communication. Considering I've written more in three days than I have in the past three months, I get the inclination that this really is something I'd like to pursue!

“Never forget! The higher we soar, the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche

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Hey dude,I was actually

Hey dude,I was actually thinking the other day about how it had been a while since you were on here.Glad to hear things are going nicely.
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Jubilus is a word... it has

Jubilus is a word... it has some sort of thing to do with the church or some hoo-yah (stated in a wise old black-man's tone)...

Good luck on the whole college stuffs.
I got like... 3 and a quarter years left -,-

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That's quite exciting!

Maybe you should try a summer writing program in screenwriting or something first, to be sure it is your passion... Three days is not your whole life. I've heard of a lot of screenwriters who rarely get to write what they really want. Just a thought.

P.S. What is with all the gendered black voices? I don't think we need those stereotypes on our website.
No one has a right to sit down and feel hopeless; there is too much work to do.--Dorothy Day

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I don't necessarily dislike

I don't necessarily dislike stereotypes. They're equal to prejudices, and guess what? Everyone has them. Don't deny it.

The only problem with stereotypes and prejudice is when they're used a discriminatory manner or when it has a negative effect.

Those stereotypes weren't negative and weren't discriminatory.

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Oooh yeah, I just emailed

Oooh yeah, I just emailed the screenwriting department asking if they could recommend some books or summer programs. Thanks!

And yeah, definitely didn't mean to stir up any controversy...sorry anyone if I did. I don't THINK I crossed any lines, but I guess everyone's lines are different. (Now look here, I could've easily made a fat joke there but refrained. See, I'm not that bad!)

“Never forget! The higher we soar, the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly.”
-Friedrich Nietzsche