i've done it again

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yep... left another essay to the last minute. i have the whole of tomorrow to write the WHOLE of my dramatic form essay. damn i'm stupid. had 3 weeks to do so. i'll be ok tho, im not worried. i always get it done. but FUCK im an idiot!


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i had six weeks to write a

i had six weeks to write a paper on a five-hundred-some page book...

i haven't even gotten through two hundred pages and the paper's due monday....

i'm feeling your pain.

Leave you alone for FIVE MINUTES!

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pfft... That sounds like me

pfft... That sounds like me and the Grapes of Wrath... and East of Eden...

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lost_in_wonderland, we are

lost_in_wonderland, we are two very silly people. at least mine is something i can bull shit my way through... drama. lol i'll say a lil prayer tonight for both of us. im sure the big chick upstairs will help us out.