juicy juicy details!

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i hung out with my former drama teacher this evening, and got all the juicy goss on staff members she hates lol i guesss she feels like she can divulge now that our relationship is less retricted lol so she told me all about a certain teacher who got in trouble for having sex with a current student (a rumour all last year, now confirmed for me), the coven of bitchy older women who make life hard for the newer, younger female staff members, the cunts in admin, the former drug lives of certain teachers, etc in was all very illuminating lol we then consumed a bucket of chicken. then i drove home.

i have a late start tomoro, w00t! instead of my usual 9am start, i have an 11am tomoro!!! and im also going to ask my student mentor about any gay and lesbian groups on campus, or moreso the lack there of; i cant find any info anywhere about a LGBT group.

shoutouts to my girl RUBY, for havin hot hetero lovin! xoxo


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... this made me laugh.

... this made me laugh. "...and then we had a bucket of chicken."

Be yourself. 'Cause if you're busy being somebody else, who's gonna be you?

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thanx for the shoutout!

hanging with ur teacher sounds like fun... some teachers are really cool!
when i grow up [a.k.a in like 2 years] i am going to be a teacher... and i hope that i'll be one of those cool teachers. wait, who am i kidding... i KNOW i'll be one of those cool teachers! LOL

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fuckin oath, im going to be

fuckin oath, im going to be one of those cool teachers too! well, i hope so. either that, or the total arsehole teacher, tough but fair. and with a heart of gold!