Lesbian SEX`

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Over the last few weeks I have been having diffrent types of lesbian fantasies. Some are with people I know, and others are with people I never met. I really enjoy the dream and wonder, why is this keep playing in my mind when i'm asleep? So i've been worring.. See, i'm in a relationship with a guy who knows i'm bi, but .. I just seem weird always having dreams about girls.. Even one of the dreams was about this girl I used to like and still kinda do.. I just want to know if they are other people out there who share this curiousity about this or feel the same way I do.. or is it just me?


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there's nothing wrong with it

you can't control your dreams so don't feel bad about the fact that you're having them. So long as they're not affecting your relationship with your bf, it doesn't really matter. That's my oppinion on the thing, but I've never been in a similar situation so I can't really realate to it that well. Hope everything goes alright.

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I have found that all my dreams play without my control when I'm asleep.


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