lgbt and nervousness

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So this week I have pushed the limits on how comfortable I am with people knowing I am gay.At the start of this college year I vowed that I would go sign up to my college's lgbt group.I am now entering into the last four weeks of this college year,and have finally plucked the courage to sign-up,with a lot of help from a very good friend.

At the start of the week I spent a half hour standing outside the society office because I was too scared to go and ask for a form to sign up to it.My friend eventually coaxed me in,but he did the talking.Afterwards I felt silly for being so scared.It turned out that I actually needed to email them to become a member.So I emailed them for information(which I also spent ages contemplating then felt silly) and mentioned I was a bit shy about going to the meetings.So they let me know that they have a buddy system where I can meet a somone from the society before I go to a meeting.So I have arranged that for Wednesday.

I am a little nervous about it.But I am hoping,like everything else,I will feel silly for being so scared afterwards.Unfortunatly this week they are having a cinema trip this week instead of a meeting.The girl that emailed me invited me to come along to the cinema with them,but I am not sure.I think I will feel shy going out with a bunch of people I don't know and who have already been together as a group all year so they will all be well bonded together.
Should I go?If you've read this far maybe you could offer an opinion on whether or not to go along to the cinema.Thanks,catch ya later Oasis.


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It IS up to you but...

I would go. I would feel out of place for sure, but I think that if they are a kind group that they will find their own ways of making you feel included and welcome that won't force you to step to far out of your comfort zone. If you feel uncomfortable with anything I imagine that they can and will understand.

I joined a group, it's small though, and I feel welcome, even though I haven't even done anything yet.

Bottom line, it seems like your hesistant and a little worried BUT it IS just a movie and unless one of them is exageratively, over the top, flamboyant, I don't think there will be much of an issue.

I would go, because one way or the other, they should accept you for who you are, that's why they're in that group.

That's just me though, anyway, hope that helped.