Lovelyboy+Movie Theatre = Kissing in the Dark!

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Alright, this is from actual weeks upon weeks ago, but it’s worth getting out there and recounting some more of it made me feel very happy so hurrah:

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! So my mother is set to return tonight, many hours from now from a land far away, and a la fin de semaine Lovelyboy had decided it was do or die for us to meet sometime this week! Que heated conversation a la téléphone about how to do it.

Moi: Make my leap year and go see a movie with me?
Le seul Lovelyboy: No.
Moi: Please.
Lovelyboy: Alright.

Haha, it wasn't so simplistic, actually it was hours of talking and his parents were out when I called so that was coincidentally perfect and unplanned! By the time we were done having our like-drugged (I'd say love-drugged, but with him I know it will be even clearer when that other L Word applies, not that it feels far off) conversation, we'd arranged to meet Wednesday night for 7pm at his city's movie theatre!

So up until that night I had this running through my mind and miracle of miracles, I got what I wanted! Plus the video is cutesy too, and that's how we acted in and out!

I had to employ my magical (or potentially dangerous - actually I know I can drive just fine, I absolutely hate knowing so few directions though, a.k.a. I could be prone to getting lost easily) driving skills to get there, but when I did (after a maddening clothing debate), I was so excited and thrilled!

We went in to see Juno but decided to try hopping between theatres/movies after he smothered me in the trailers for Juno and I practically broke his hand and then we were off, off, off down the aisle!

I think the idea of going down the aisle with him is pretty funny, haha. I actually don’t want to imagine our families sitting down next to each other. Hmm, this month has made me feel even more disconnected from my family.

Thankfully (in my unbiased opinion), I grew up without having my parents home every night and when we were all together, it was almost always in a public setting where a reserved appearance mattered at least a bit. I feel so uninhibited right now, I can be honest that I love my family (well, my parents specifically = my family as I’m writing this, despite plenty of other relations) and they make my life so much easier and have taught me an incredible amount of things – but a lot of the time now, I’d feel 100% content to cut all ties with them and just receive financial parenting instead. I’m going to be glad for that come university, and I can stand everyone in my family, but I’d be so happy to be left alone and not feel embarrassed by them sometimes. My parents aren’t that embarrassing realistically, but I don’t care to have them around for my winning something or presenting something – just go away!

Well, the exact opposite holds true for Lovelyboy – just never leave! Never say never, eek; anyway, back to our steamy outing. I can imagine having fun helping him come out to his parents though, haha hmm!

So I have no idea what impelled me to break off our first movie theatre make-out fest, it was actually most likely nerves and not wanting to screw up or something! Plus, we’d talked about sneaking into movies before, so I had to initiate that for filing into our memory books!

I might as well recap from the get-go, we both arrived, and were both jittery and I would’ve longed to have held his hand walking into the movie theatre complex, but alas, suburbia = homophobia. We went in, got our tickets (I got them, he was going to get the edibles we would be getting after the movie [and hello people, popcorn/pop+kissing = eh, at least in my mind. And damn if you get a piece of popcorn stuck in your mouth, and ugh for popcorn breath, and ick for not wanting to be too loud for your date while munching – especially if you’ve got candy!]) and actually outside of [(Parenthesis Land)], I’ve always found the idea of going on a date and having someone else pay seem a slight bit awkward. Not that it doesn’t seem nice and pleasant and all, but I wouldn’t want there to be an extra charge on the bill, or a screw-up with a credit card, or them under tipping or having to pay for more than what they expected! I think I could laugh over something like that with Lovelyboy no problem, and we’re both financially secure right now, but I still wouldn’t want to be feeling bad for whatever reason!

So after tickets, we wandered into our movie, being a few minutes early and hunkered down in the lit theatre, at the back, with two movie magazines (in Canada, the land o’ plenty, most Cineplex corporations produce monthly magazines about movie things and you can pick them up when you go in or out of the place, and they’re not very thin either!) and started to talk about the magazine and then the interior of the theatre and then I got laughable on him and started saying we should be annoying during the movie for the other patrons (the theatre probably accommodated 350 and it had about 200 in it, and we were alone in the back row!). He replied in laughable kind, and then the lights dimmed, haha!

Well he put his hand on mine first, pretty soon after they dimmed, I know I would’ve done it anyway, since I swear to God (again, je ne crois pas!) hand-holding seems like a pinnacle of lovey-doveyness to me and so does having an arm looped under your significant other’s arm and his or hers looped under your other arm and ooooh so lovey-dovey I swear! The trailers were good, and we whispered a bit about stuff and it was nice, and then of course as they ended, he swooped in and planted one on my cheek and I reciprocated and we stopped and smiled at each other, then *I* used my brain cells and decided to kiss him instead of waiting, and he literally moved hyper fast to connect my lips with his and he did the most marvellous thing then, and that’s when I about broke his hand!

I lapped that up for a few seconds, and it was so wonderful, pretty much like a hit of some drug, if I knew any type that might relate (and yay, I don’t). Then we stopped and both pulled back, and he looked a bit dreamy (he always looks dreamy attractive, but I mean dreamy sleepy style here) and I probably looked insanely wide-eyed and breathless, and then he did what still seems really surprising, he laid his head on my shoulder, and haha, thankfully I was still dazed a bit and didn’t move much, or else I might’ve whacked him away or elbowed one of his gem-filled eyes out! So he just had his head there and we were holding hands, and it was a dark theatre, and Juno music was queing up and it felt absolutely right and for any Harry Potter readers out there, think back to the first one, and how Harry needs to find his happiest memory to make magic happen (oops, spoiler, shucks) – well I keep thinking back to that moment as being my happiest in life to date.

It really was and is too, which is neat, since it shatters hundreds of thousands of dollars across 17 years of being brought up by happy parents – yay for a cheap movie and a Lovelyboy!

I would’ve been fine with anything else that went on next, but then I somehow summoned up the willpower to kiss his juicy, mint-scented soft as butter and just as tasty lips. Okay, maybe not the best description, but I was caught up in the moment so it’s a little blurred. Of course, he kissed back and I didn’t fully crush his hand this time, but then my mind synched back and I remembered we had to go sneak into other theatres and somehow compelled myself to leave the seats blessed with the power to make/allow us get romantic and instead go run through a theatre, potentially be arrested, not see the movie we both more than partially wanted to, and not make out for a while again, if at all. Yes, that’s me, the academic lad.

I actually want to put this up right now, and I’ll finish more later, but the rest of our date rocked, the most horrible thing about it was the euphoria of it all and almost colliding with a few things after we parted ways and I drove home, but lots of fun before that, so yum, Lovelyboy, and ooh, neither of our hands got sweaty when we were hand holding, haha. That’s goofy to bring up (and the word goofy is the goofiest thing I may ever have heard too), but we’d talked about it and both of our palms sweat randomly, even though we don’t get very nervous, and throughout the whole date, which involved lots of glorious hand on hand action – no sweats, just unbeatable sensation.

And this totally works at about 35s on to 1:30 to get how I felt running out of Juno with him and how most of the rest of our time at the movies went, at least the part where she’s singing ‘A cause des garçons’. Not the dancing necessarily, but the vibe of the song, especially after 1 minute, I love it! The latter part je n’aime pas beaucoup, mais c’est tout a cause des garçons, non?!

P.S. I love being Canadian, and knowing some decent French and being able to at least go on a date with my Lovelyboy!

Merci merci!


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sounds very lovely indeed. i want one :)

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Oh sounded like a

Oh sounded like a very cute date!:D Trust me, palms sweating while holding hands TOTALLY sucks.Im glad u dint have to go through that =P =D

Let's get one thing straight, I'm not.

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hey, you write beautifully.

hey, you write beautifully. i enjoyed reading this.