loving oasis atm

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it has been so good for me to have this journal here lately. my emotions are just all over the place lately, im up, down, diagonal... as soon as i feel like i'm plummeting down, i can hop on here, write it out and i feel better.
i think i like writing here other than my personal journal because here you can get feedback and connect with people a whole lot more. you can read my thoughts and give me some support if you please. its just lovely.

had an awesome tutorial today, i love my tutor. my media literacies lecture sucks ass, but my tutorial is so interesting. the tutor makes it so interesting, she's an intelligent, witty woman. i find the class intellectually stimulating, like today we had group discussions about media and technology and its impact on society and how it will affect us as future teachers, etc i just walked out thinking, "Wow!"

i have to go see my dad soon, need him to change my tyre plus i have mail for him. im looking at porn though, and i'm really horny. i'll have a good wank then go. ciao, kids.


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The other half is that people read and learn from your experiences, so that they might make choices in their life based on what they read here. So, yeah, it's great when people comment and support you, but also realize people benefit who may not interact with you or this post at all.

I think a good practice is when you're feeling down and not accomplishing much but beating yourself up (and not as referenced in the last paragraph of your post) is to come on Oasis, and reply to people's posts. If people write a bunch of stuff you don't have any insight into, but there's one sentence where you can help, then write them and help.

I think one of the best ways to put your life into perspective is to put yourself in service of others. Especially on a site like this, there are always people downstream of you, who are learning things you learned, feelings things you've felt, and are reaching out when they feel alone.

So, given the choice of sitting around going in circles regarding your own life, and giving someone else not only a leg up, but letting them know someone else cares, is willing to help them, and wants them to succeed... well, not much of a choice at all, is it?


"Be like a postage stamp. Stick to one thing until you get there." -- Josh Billings.

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