Ma day!

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So, I was home sick today. Horrible. Don't feel like talking about it.

So I slept for like 3 hours. I was watchin' some TV and it was on Logo. Something about his tranny Renne. I really couldn't relate. I mean, I can sort of understand his position, being in the wrong body... But I just can't grasp it. Sorta like the lesbian thing, I mean who doesn't like cock? But I understand lesbians more. I don't think I'll ever fully understand trannies though, because I'm not one.

Then I shaved my legs. Oh boy. that was the best thing in the world. I mean... I hadn't shaved in like.... a week. And unlike females, my hair grows much much faster.

And that's pretty much it.


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"Sorta like the lesbian thing, I mean who doesn't like cock?"

You have a point. Cock is <3 :P

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so... you dont understand

so... you dont understand transsexuals, but u shave your legs :P lol im just going to sit and ponder that one for sec....

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I always figured fags would have a bit more of a leg-up understanding the transgender issue, because you know at one point, a lot of us had a realization that we were gay and then it sort of makes you question a lot of other things in your life, since that was one of those bedrock things you were raised to believe was unfallibly true. But then, everything gets turned on its ear when you realize that.

So, it seems related to think that at some point, people would have that same realization and realize what always made them feel different was not homosexuality or bisexuality, but that they actually feel like they are a different gender (not to be confused, of course, with all the people questioning gender on Oasis as a form of procrastination to accepting being gay. That's just some new trendy thing that's unrelated).

Don't you find that when you wait that long between shaves, the stubble keeps catching your panty hose, though?


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Ha, yes, the 'trendy' gender

Ha, yes, the 'trendy' gender questioning.

My school is a sea of dykes who are all developing weird desires to be gay men with each other...I'm pretty sure that isn't what they were talking about back in high school when they told us college would be a time of experimentation.