Marlee Matlin

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I love Hallmark movies lol they are so sappy, cute, and corny. They are great. I love the commercials they play during the movie's to. All based around the cards and there just so sentimental, funny anf cute.

This one is about deaf people it's called Sweet Nothing in My Ear. It has Marlee Matlin in it. She is also in The L Word and I find her completely and utterly hott.
She's actually very talented and has been in soo many things. I think she's probably one of the most famous deaf people of the 20th/21st century.
She's been in Law and Order SVU, The L Word, CSI NY, The West Wing and sooo much more.
I knew ASL or sign language at one point. Not a lot but some. It's something that i'd really like to learn again so i might this summer or before then as something to do for fun. It's also something good to put on your resume or just say you now how to do.


I also really want to learn guitar... but that's a different journal.


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*blinks* *drools* erm...wha..



erm...wha...huh? oh yeah....marlee's pretty much awesome. there's this cool movie she's in called "What the Bleep do We know?"

it's kewl.

Leave you alone for FIVE MINUTES!

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agreed. she is WAY gorgeous.

agreed. she is WAY gorgeous. I've never actually seen her in anything, but she is way gorgeous.

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