meetings and such

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I finally attended a lgbt meeting today.I'm glad I went,but I'm not sure if it was my cup of tea.I might go back next week...I'm not sure yet.I could probably go into more detail but I got to go now.Just thought I would make a note of it.Around this time two years ago I found/joined Oasis.I'm slowly progressing lol.


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LGBT meetings...

Well the only one I went to had two college students (One was 19 and gay, the other was like 19 as and lesbian), and two 30 year lesbian moderators.

We talked about buckwheat, gender bias in vitamins and mineral supplements and udon noodles. Fucking exciting, right?

Not my damn cup of espresso...

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yeah I'm not a big fan of

yeah I'm not a big fan of the whole LGBT community thing either, but then again, its mad hard to meet people if u don't.