mini update

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I got a B+ on my Project 2 and I've started work on Project 3 already. I didn't get a good grade on my Math Exam 4 but my teacher told me to keep trying and that I can recover. I hated that for 3 of the ?'s,I had right numbers but just the wrong signs! I find out about my Exam for HNA on The Broken Spears next week. Last night my family and I went out to eat at Joe's Crab Shack for my Mom's bday:). I had the fish and chips while everyone else had crab. Jason was wondering why I wasn't wearing the crab bib,hehe. The waitresses and waiters would dance every 20 mins. or so and the ones I liked the best were the macarena and Thriller(even though the steps weren't all included). I had banana foster for dessert(as did Missy) while Jamie and Eddy had rootbeer floats. I watched a mini marathon of CSI yesterday and am now watching SVU and maybe some more CSI's again for today. I ordered Deal with The Devil(Ali Vali book) on Thurs. and should get it by next week Tues.-Wed