Misery Loves Company.

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So i like company.
Especially in this state of mine.My friends came over...one or two each day.But tomorrow was The Day,when ALL of em come over and we would sit and watch cool movies[ we were planning to finish off Saw1 and Saw2] and munch some popcorn.Maybe D could even color my nails.And help me apply Kohl[its hard to do it without a mirror in front of me].
But na-uh.You knw what happens?All of them[around 5] have a reason why they CANT make it tomorrow.

I know i should be ok.But im not.I was so looking forward for a good time.
I dunt want their sympathy but they would take my mind off the pain...the helplessness...and refresh me a bit,you know?

Plus,most of them got part time jobs...you know,since school's over for good.So they are searching/applying for universities and working at the same time.Something I would be doing if my leg was okay.I would be roaming around day and night,i would have dyed my hair,i would have pierced my upper ear lobe,i would have joined Yoga classes[something i always wanted to do],i would be giving guitar lessons to this chick i know and i would be attending various university exhibitions.

But,I cant.Not until one more week,at least.
Suddenly,im starting to feel like such a burden on Mom.I mean,she does everythng for me...from helping me get up and give me the crutches,from bringing food to me,from giving me the "sponge bath"...

All this makes me feel so...so...useless.
I just wish it dint hurt this much.


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Interesting how much stuff you would be doing if you didn't have a broken leg, and how many of those thing you weren't doing before it was broken. So, keep track of that list, and follow through with it when you can.

As for why your friends didn't show up, I would blame the movie selection. :-)


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Lol!I dunt think there is

Lol!I dunt think there is anything wrong in the movie selection.We all always wanted to watch that movie together...

Let's get one thing straight, I'm not.