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Have you ever looked back on your life and just stood in awe? Not awe over something amazing. But instead, awe over your life itself. Not that it's something bad that you've done so you landed in the craper. But just in awe over your life.

It seems like such a peculiar thing. Half the time during it I'm sleeping. During half of my conscious time, I don't even think and it goes into subconscious process. Half the time I don't know what I'm doing or saying. It's like I'm stabbing at the pinata, while blindfolded.

I know life will always be this... But the ability that humans poses, subconscious tasking, is just amazing.

The heart isn't beating consciously. It's a subconscious thought. Same thing with any movement. You're not thinking "contract thigh, contract calf, etc.". We just move through life without thinking.

Even when writing this, I'm not thinking consciously of the letters I'm pressing. I'm not even conscious of spelling them. It's just all muscle memory, that's in subconscious tasking.

I wonder what life would be like if everything was a conscious process. If I had to beat my heart. If I had to breath consciously. If I had to move the muscles of my esophagus consciously. What would life be like?


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You sleep 12 hours a day?


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*ponders*... *shrugs*

*shrugs* Occasionally.
After State meet it was... 11 PM to 4 PM... so... 15 hours is the highest...

Favorite things in life: sleeping, eating, canoodling, learning and helping ^.^

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you have to much time on

you have to much time on your hands haha

but very good thought :) i like it

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