Movies I watched lately..... part 1

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I am a movie buff, going to school and learning about making movies. Hopefully going to a film school when I'm done with high school. So, you can see where I place movies in my life. Towards the top. :)

So... movies I have watched recently on the wonderful invention of Youtube.

*Lesbian Section*

"A Parisian woman, Férial, meets and falls in love with November, a Jewish refugee from Berlin, and takes great personal risks to hide and protect her lover from the Nazis. Also deals with the complex political issues and ethical dilemmas faced by the people living in Vichy France, and depicts acts of cruelty and and acts of self-sacrifice and courage on both sides of the conflict. While it emphasizes the suffering of the French under heavy-handed Nazi rule, the film does not shrink from revealing the treachery of French politicians who sold out their own country, and French citizens who collaborated with the enemy and turned in their neighbors to the Gestapo for harboring Jews." (1985)

Deep, a movie for patient people. Definitely not a thriller or suspense flick. Good for an old movie. Depressing, but still good. Stays with you.
**** out of *****.

Two Mothers For Zachary

You know that chick we always see on Jenny Craig commercials? Valerie Burtenelli? I never knew she was an actress, and then I recently saw this movie made in the 1990's.

Based on the true story of Sharon Bottoms who lost custody of her son in a Virginia courtroom when her own mother successfully sued for custody on the grounds that being a lesbian made her unfit to be a mother. Irony at the end, he does end up with two mothers.

Old VHS rip - very low quality

Touching, and keeps you going. Good, with an irony at the end. Disappointing, and a tear jerker. Still good. ***out of *****.

*Straight Movies :^} *

Becoming Jane

Sorry for the Spanish subtitles but this was the only version online that had the entire movie.

Movie was good, slow, but good. ** out of *****.

Dan in Real Life

Couldn't find any online sources. But I really liked this movie. Through out it, I found myself continually saying, "Poor Dan." Also I absolutely love Juliette Binoche in this. She is one of my favorite French actresses.

****out of *****.

Disco Pigs

Loved it. A little creepy, and unstable, but a movie I will not soon forget. I would willingly watch this over again. Thanks a shitload to toreador for recommending this movie. ****out of *****.

“It's titled: Disco Pigs and it is an Irish fim that was released in 2001. It is a story of a guy and a girl who've live next door to each other and have shared a telepathic link since birth. It features Cillian Murphy in his first leading role, and Elaine Cassidy.
Now, it has to be said, this movie is a shambling, sloppy mess. When it comes to plot and character development, it's shoddy all around. Cliches are placed everywhere. There are many instances where it is difficult to suspend disbelief. And because of their very thick Cork accents it's hard to follow the dialogue most of the time. Combine that with the special baby-talk language shared between the two main characters and it could be impossible to hear what is being said if you're not used to hearing accents. And to spoil it all, it ends badly. People die.
But there are a few very sweet and whimsical moments scattered throughout and both of the leads do well with what they're given.”


I guess that is all till next time. Thanks for reading. (if anyone even read this) :)